Organic Olive Oil

McLaren Vale Olive Oil products are subtle in scent and deeply healing.

The McLaren Vale region is known for its wine and the thousands of Mediterranean style vineyards in grids throughout the landscape.  This area in South Australia has been an ideal environment for over 100 years for growers of olive oil, grapes and almonds.Olive trees surround the vineyards, in the mirroring of Greece and Italy. Olives are a rich source of the culture, and of course the cuisine.

Pick up your next body cream or nail creme from the beautiful McLaren Vale Olive Oil skincare range.

The organic olive oil body care comes from premium certified organic extra virgin olive oil.  The oil of this remarkable fruit helps guard your body and your skin from the inside out, as olive oil is high in antioxidants which protect against age-accelerating free radicals.

The combination of a magnificent European style fig and olive fragrance with an eclectic mix of textures and finishes throughout the packaging gives this collection a distinctly provincial feel.