Dame Edna Mezzie and Frank Chalk Paint 120ml

$18.95 incl GST

She is bold, loud and proud.  What more can you say and who doesn’t love a little purple in their life.  Take her as she comes full on and unique or ply her with a little sweet pavlova to see a more light hearted, softer feminine version of herself.


<h5>How to Use</h5>

<h4>Surface Preparation</h4>
This paint is effectively self-priming, so preparation of furniture is minimal and fuss-free; no prior sanding or priming is required on most finished surfaces. Tannin rich timbers may require an oil or spirit based stain block to prevent leaching.
Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dust and peeling paint.

Apply directly to most surfaces e.g. painted, veneer, timber, brick, concrete, stone or metal. Paint adheres to most surfaces without the need for priming.

One litre of Mezzie + Frank paint will cover 11 to 14 sq. metres depending on the surface texture, application technique and wastage rates.

<h4>Cleaning Up</h4>
Simply rinse the brushes in clean water making sure that runoff does not enter drains.

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