Italian Glass Pen – Green

$25.00 incl GST

Italian Glass Pen in green glass.  The fluted glass ‘nib’ or tip, takes up the ink when dipped.  Simply dip into the ink until the nib is well covered, then write using your usual handwriting.  The ink will come away gently and freely.

These small glass pens are available in red, amber, black, burgundy and green.


This Italian glass pen is 10cm long and comes in an elegant box with wax sealed black ink.  Available in 5 different colours.  This green is elegant.  These pens are a great way to introduce young people to writing with ink.  Just use your own handwriting or line drawing.  Unlike the brass or pewter nibs, glass pens do not blot.  The ink comes away freely.  Perfect for artists and students.

These are also lovely for card writing.  I can complete nearly a whole greeting card with just one dip – the second dip into the ink definitely completes my card for a wedding or birthday.

For those interested in writing of any kind or the art of calligraphy, this is the place to begin.  Using an Italian Glass Pen will enable you to get used to working with ink.  Then graduate to using the true calligraphy tools – including brass and pewter nibs.

Children are fascinated by these pens and I always give them a turn using my own well loved set.  Using this will give them confidence using ink.  Many use these for line drawing, creating lovely ink drawings.

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