Italian Glass Pen Red

$25.00 incl GST

This 10cm glass pen in red, comes beautifully boxed with a small bottle of black ink.

Italian Glass pens are easy to use as the ink flows away from the fluted glass tip when in touch with paper.

Other colours available are amber, burgundy, black, blue and green.


This Italian glass pen in red is 10cm long and comes in an elegant box with wax sealed black ink.  It is easy to use for young or old.  Just dip the glass ‘nib’, that is, the fluted glass tip into the ink and the ink will come away easily when in contact with the paper.  Use for card writing, drawing or letter writing.  Actually this will make the perfect implement for a Love Letter.

This is the perfect gift for your Valentine.  A pact between two loves can be sealed with love letters written in elegant hand using an Italian glass pen and the jet black ink.  A glass pen will not blot or leak.  Use confidently with your own handwriting.  After use simply rinse with a little water.  The Italian glass pen is also a perfect tool for artists, including budding artists.  Many use these for line drawing.  As an introduction to using ink, this is the easiest and most practical.  Those who wish to go to the next level will move on to pens with brass or pewter nibs.  In this case, there are many nibs available to achieve very different strokes.

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