Mariana earrings white shell and pearl

$69.00 incl GST

Mariana earrings are classic and timeless for any woman.  This gorgeous pair has the white shell as the centrepiece.  above this on earring clasp are tiny pearls.  All set in Rose Gold and nickle free, these earrings are versatile and stylish.


Mariana earrings are a staple piece of jewellery for every woman.  There are hundreds of designs and colours available.  These are white shell stone with tiny white pearls embedded atop the focal stone.  These tiny pearls add a unique and decorative flourish to this set, making them just that little bit more special.  At just $69.00 these are a perfect gift for any occasion, or, as they say, just because.

Mariana is all hand crafted in Israel.  Each piece is unique and crafted as part of a broad collection.  These earrings are from the Venice Collection.  If you love these, you may also like  the Venice necklace featured here.


As with all Mariana products, the Mariana earrings are guaranteed for life. our Australian distributors are quick and responsive and will keep us ‘in the loop’ if extra time is needed for deliveries between Israel and Australia.

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