Calligraphy Pen Set Red Feather

$50.00 incl GST

Write your letters using this beautifully presented red feather calligraphy pen with brass nib.

This set also contains 10 sheets of high quality parchment and matching envelopes.

Inks are also available from McLaren Unvaled


This elegant calligraphy pen set comes with the classic red feather pen with brass shaft and nib, and 10 sheets of high quality cream parchment and matching envelopes.  All you need now is some beautiful ink to begin writing letters to friends and loved ones.  The art of calligraphy is returning in popularity as people crave more and more for the simple and elegant pleasures of the past.  One of the loveliest things is to receive a beautifully thoughtful letter in the post.  This set will help to reenergise your interest in calligraphy and the fine art of writing.

In addition to several beautiful pen sets, at McLaren Unvaled I have a range of ink bottles in the old style with a pen rest built into the glass bottle.  Each one is topped with a pewter figure.  Figures available are a horse, rooster, duck, swan and owl.  The bottles come filled with black ink.  Refill when you need with any ink colour you desire.

A handwritten letter or note is even more impressive when completed in calligraphy with ink.  Impress your loved ones with a personal letter.


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