How to chalk paint furniture

Chalk Painting is Easy!

Chalk Painting is easy enough for anyone to do and I have evidence of this regularly.  I love the transformations that occur out in my workshop.  Last weekend, 3 great gals arrived with their pieces – a cheap little chest, made in Java we think, a nest of 3 tables, and a folding picnic table.  Each of the gals decided upon a colour and away we went.  The chest went from a deep reddy coloured timber to white using #mezzieandfrank Thredbo.  The picnic table was fiddly but soon went from orange brown timber to a 2-tone of blues with Midnight Oil  and Harbour Bridge.  And the cute little nest of 3 tables went from dark brown timber to a gorgeous beachy finish with Freemantle underneath white and rubbed back to show the colours coming through.

Mezzie and Frank

Mezzie and Frank (aka Pam) are a savvy, smart and wonderful pair from southern Queensland.  They researched hard to develop their own 100% Australian brand of Chalk Effects. The result is paint, wax, fondant for 3d effects, modge, stencils and more.  Their hard work now makes it easier for US to chalk paint furniture and make recycling old pieces fun and practical.  Their range of colours is quintessentially Australian with names like Rosella, Baby Galah, Pavlova, Bondi and Emerald.  No other brand has achieved the depth of colour in their brights!

Get started

Choose yourself something small for your first project – a side table of bedsides would be perfect.  Now think about colour. Are you going to play it safe and go with white or would you like a pop of colour somewhere? Once you decide you are ready to start – no sanding needed, just wipe down your piece and slap on your first coat of paint.  Be generous with this and confident.  Set this aside to dry.  It won’t take long.

When this coat is dry, give it all a very light sand.  This smooths down the chalk base and makes the next coat go on easily.  Second coat on.  You will see the difference immediately.  You are nearly done already!  To finish off, just give it all another Very light sand.  If you want a little bit of distressing, sand the edges and any lumps and bumps.  These will come out as the most beautiful bits! As soon as you are happy – stop sanding!


The final step is to ‘set’ the chalk paint with wax.  Use the luscious Carnauba Wax

This sets hard in about 21 days and will give your piece a shine.  Apply a bit at a time using a cotton cloth.  Work in smallish areas so that you can buff straight away.  Apply generously and buff with another cloth until it goes all smooth.  You will feel it give way to smoothness as you buff.  And that’s it!  You have done it – your first chalk painted piece – Welcome to the addiction!