Maine Beach – Luxurious Local Product

Maine Beach is a local brand that we are very proud of.  As their local retailer, I am really happy to have the range in my shop at 122 Main Road McLaren Vale.  If I haven’t got what you need, just let me know.  I drive over to Mclaren Flat where the Head Office is and I can restock in a jiffy.

The Maine Beach range of products is truly superior.  They manage their quality control so well, every delivery is in perfect condition.  The packaging is elegant and sophisticated, making anything from this range the perfect gift.  There’s no need for more wrapping as the boxes themselves are beautiful.

My personal favourite is the Ligurian Honey body mousse.  I use it myself, but it is the experience I had whith my Mum that really sold me on it.  Mum was not long out of surgery and she was pretty uncomfortable much of the time.  Having been born in 1926, needless to say she wasn’t one for getting a massage.  But one day her skin was so dry and brittle and she let me gently rub this mousse into both her feet and lower legs.  It was a wonderful point of connection between us and one I will never forget.


Paraben Free – Sulphate free – colourant free


Kangaroo Island Wild Bushland Eucalyptus

Lord Howe Island Organic Coconut & Tahitian Lime

McLaren Vale Organic Olive Oil

Organic Kangaroo Island Ligurian Honey

Mt Macedon Rose with Organic Rosehip Oil