Chalk Paint Brushes and Essentials

Chalk Paint Brushes and other basics

Mezzie and Frank chalk paint brushes are the first accessory you will want for your upcycling project. The brushes are round and made of hog’s bristle.  The shape helps you to get into tricky corners of drawers or decorative parts of your furniture.  Brushes can be used for wax but label your wax brush and use it for WAX ONLY.

Carnauba Wax and others

To finish off your Mezzie and Frank upcycling piece you will need the easy to use carnauba wax.  This fantastic wax is the best I have ever used.  It sets hard, yet also creates a smooth, soft surface.

There are a range of special effect waxes including dark beeswax polish which is great for working into raw timber.  To highlight embellishments use one of the metallic waxes – silver, copper or gold.  These are great for the details around a mirror or frame, or to bring out the scene in an old camphorwood chest.

Use the waxes over the 2nd coat of chalk paint and these will add depth, as well as providing a durable finish to your piece.  Waxing your chalk painted piece is always the final touch.  Always sand slightly and remove all the dust after your second coal of chalk paint.  Then work the wax in with a cotton cloth or using a brush.  Buff immediately, as you go.

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