Crackle Effect and Other Finishes

Crackle Effect, Modge, Fondant…Mezzie and Frank have created a number of different special products to help make your upcycling even more creative:

  1. Crackle Effect – apply this liberally after your first coat of chalk paint colour.  Allow it to dry, then paint over with your second coat.  You will almost immediately see the crackle emerge in a brick-like look
  2. Mezzie’s Modge – use this as an adhesive for lining the insides of drawers and cupboards.  It is applied to the surface you wish to cover.  Then carefully lay down your paper and use a spatula to scrape it, removing any air bubbles.  When this is dry, apply another coat of Mezzie’s Modge to seal.
  3. Frank’s Fondant – This stuff is Fabulous!  Use it as a filler to repair holes or cracks in your furniture.  Or use it to create raised detail.  The 3D stencils using this product are really stunning.  Set your stencil allowing the fondant to dry, then coat with Crackle Effect and paint over it.  Your piece will look like it has survived for centuries!

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