Chalk Painting Brush – Large

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Mezzie and Frank’s  large chalk painting brush is 50 mm in diameter and great for large pieces of furniture or canvases.  Couple with the other 2 sizes for a complete collection of these excellent quality brushes. If used for wax, make sure you keep it labelled and separate from your chalk painting brushes.

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Mezzie and Frank Large Brush

The large chalk painting brush by Mezzie and Frank is 50mm in diameter.  These are made from Hog's bristles which makes them strong, durable and long lasting.  The round brush head is great for use on furniture as the bristles can make their way deeply into crevices and corners so you will get excellent coverage.  The large brush is great for any of those larger pieces of furniture where you can load up and get a good strong coat on quickly and efficiently.

To finish your pieces of chalk painted furniture you will need a light sand, then apply the all important Carnauba wax


The large chalk painting brush is perfect for those bigger pieces such as wardrobes, chest of drawers and sideboards.  You may also choose to use a small brush for getting into the details of any ornate areas on the furniture or mirror frame.

For inspiration look up Mezzie and Frank's video tutorials here

Clean up and Maintenance

like all Mezzie and Frank brushes, the large brush washes up beautifully in clear water or add a little shampoo if you think the colour needs a bit more to tease it out.  If any stiffness occurs in the bristles, give the brush an overnight soak in hair conditioner then rinse out thoroughly the next morning.  You will get a long life and many happy hours of chalk painting out of your Mezzie and Frank brushes.

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