Frank’s Furniture Fondant

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Just like icing on the cake, Frank’s Furniture Fondant is a moulding paste that will enable you enhance and create individual looks by adding texture and detail to the most plainest of pieces.

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500ml Furniture Fondant.  Suitable for creative, restoration and repair projects.
Frank's Furniture Fondant creates a raised 3D effect. Use with stencils to create patterns on furniture or canvases. As well as stencils, the fondant can be used as painting texture.

Frank's furniture Fondant dries hard with just a few hours and can then be painted over with chalk paint or any other style of paint. The textured surface remains, even on floors. To decorate concrete floors using fondant to create borders or welcome mats. Just use a stencil - tape into place - apply the fondant using a plastic spatula - remove the stencil and allow the fondant to dry. Once dry and hard, paint over the border or stencilled surface using Mezzie and Frank chalk paint in any colours.

The chalk paint can also be diluted to create a washed effect for concrete floors or walls. Use over the textured surface created by Fondant. Another great effect can be achieved by mixing different colours from the chalk paint range. Choose a base colour and do a base coat, then wet mix, using the same brush with complimentary colours. This will create something really unique.

Franks Furniture fondant can be used with Chalk Paint Stencils.

Click here to see the video tutorial on how to use Frank's Fondant.

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