Furniture painting brush small 35mm

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A Mezzie and Frank furniture painting brush is an essential for any chalk painting lover.  Available in 3 sizes, small is 35mm and perfect for small pieces like picture frames and the ornate detail on timber furniture.

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Mezzie and Frank Furniture Painting Brush Small 35 mm

Mezzie and Frank have created an excellent furniture painting brush. Every Mezzie and Frank brush is made from the durable hog's hair.  The round brush heads are perfect for chalk painting furniture.  A great feature of these brushes is their ability to wiggle into nooks and crannies.  Any decorative finishes or raised stencils that you may have created using Frank's Fondant, can be brushed over with ease using a Mezzie and Frank brush.

A Mezzie and Frank brush can be used to apply Carnauba wax to a finished piece.  If you do this label your brush clearly and make sure this brush is kept for Wax ONLY.  A collection of Mezzie and Frank brushes is necessary so you can have the right size for any piece, or any detail.  This brush is 35mm and is the small.  This brush is perfect for slender projects like picture or mirror frames, or for any ornate detail.

For inspiration and tips check out  Mezzie and Frank's video tutorials

Clean up

Clean your brushes in water and make sure all the paint or wax is fully rinsed out of the bristles.  Once a week or so, allow your brush to stand in a small amount of hair conditioner overnight.  The next day rinse in water and your brush will be as good as new.

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