Mariana Necklace Ruby Red

$85.00 $75.00 incl GST

This classic and elegant necklace is by the world renowned Mariana.  Hand made in Israel, this is a stunning red Crystal pendant on a rose gold chain.


Mariana Jewellery

Mariana jewellery is a timeless collection of stunningly beautiful pieces.  This jewellery can be worn every day or kept for you special occasions. And as every piece is hand made, you will love the individual style.  I always think of weddings and special birthdays for this lovely jewellery.  all Mariana Jewellery can be mixed and matched to make your look truly unique.  Try matching this with something like this bracelet

Don’t you love putting the reds and greens together? This is not just for Christmas either, you can step out in contrast all year round

Ruby Red

This necklace is in the deep and sexy ruby red swarovski crystals.  The pendant has small crystals lining the top, which is the clasp of the pendant.  And then the main stone sits majestically underneath.  As with all the Mariana I keep, this is set in rose gold on a beautiful chain with adjustable size.

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