Mariana Pendant necklace

$165.00 $150.00 incl GST

This Mariana four leafed clover pendant necklace is adorned with soft pinks and greens in the highest quality Swarovski crystals.  The chain is unique, with a beautiful link and tiny crystals along the length of it.


Mariana Pendant Necklace

Mariana is always coming up with stunning new designs.  This Mariana Pendant necklace is one of my all time favourites because it has a stunning four leafed clover studded with pink and green Swarovski crystals.  Then there is an additional pendant of a matching green stone.  This stone is surrounded by the matching green crystals and a feature pale pink crystal to finish it off. The double pendant is on a gorgeous rose gold chain with little translucent pink crystals all the way along.  Don’t you think it is just so beautifully Unique?

Mariana Spirit of Design

The full name of the Mariana brand is Mariana Spirit of Design.  I think this particular necklace really embodies this title as it is so detailed.  Mariana puts her love and individuality into her designs.  It really shows in this piece don’t you think?

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