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Mezzie’s Modge is a water based glue and sealer developed to enable the transfer of printed graphics and the adhesion of fabric, leather and decorative paper to painted or raw products. The formula allows removal of paper in under 2hrs.  No more waiting overnight to finish that project.

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Mezzies Modge - glue and sealer

Mezzies Modge is perfect for glueing on all sorts of paper or fabric. Apply this to any timber, laminate, plastic, even china. Great for decoupage projects.Use it first as the glue for your paper or fabric. Brush Modge onto the surface you wish to decorate. Working quickly, place your paper or fabric onto the surface and scrape out any air bubbles using a credit card or plastic spatula. Be careful not to tear any spots if using paper. Allow this to dry then top coat the whole area by brushing the modge over the finished surface. It will then dry as a sealant.  Other special effect products include Frank's Fondant   

You will also love the Mezzie and Frank Crackle Medium so achieve the aged look on your vintage pieces.

Image transfer

Prepare your surface by cleaning and drying it. Lay your print face down onto the surface eg., table top. Cover liberally with Mezzies Modge and allow to dry. Once dry - about 2 hours - use a cotton cloth and water to gently rub the paper away. Work with plenty of water starting at one edge work your way into the centre of the image. As the paper lumps you will see the ink or image has been transferred onto your surface.

For inspiration follow the Mezzie and Frank You Tube channel here:


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