Olive Oil Body Mousse

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The McLaren Vale Organic Olive Oil Body Mousse is part of the Maine Beach skincare range.    Oil of this remarkable fruit helps guard your body and your skin from the inside out, as olive oil is high in antioxidants which protect against age-accelerating free radicals.

The Whipped Body Mousse is 150ml tin beautifully packaged in a quality carton.

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Maine Beach skincare

Maine Beach skincare is the brand, McLaren Vale Olive Oil Body Mousse is the product. And Olive Oil it is!  One might think it is only for cooking but this rich cream will flavour skin in the most subtle way.  Maine Beach skincare is luxurious while being affordable.

Maine Beach skincare 100% Australian.

The McLaren Vale area of South Australia has been an ideal Mediterranean environment for over 100 years for growers of olive oil, grapes and almonds in Australia.  The oil used in the Maine Beach skincare range is premium certified organic extra virgin olive oil.

Body Mousse

The scent in this Maine Beach skincare mousse is subtle and local – McLaren Vale, organic Olive Oil. Whipped Body Mousse has been infused with the scent of fig & pear is best applied all over the body, especially to lower legs, feet and arms for a rich smooth feel to the skin.

This rich, lustrous mousse is perfect for the dry Winter skin just prior to being exposed again come Spring. Let your skin drink in this thick and beautiful body cream. For your legs, arms, hands, fingers, feet, apply this gorgeous mousse to enrich skin and soften it all.

The combination of a magnificent European style fig and pear fragrance with an eclectic mix of textures and finishes throughout the packaging gives this collection a distinctly provincial feel. Local South Australian organic skincare.

There are three mousse’s available in the Maine Beach range, this one and


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