The Oyster Pot

Here’s a great story from Mum’s recent estate clearance… she had a number of old pieces of pottery that always lived up on top of the fridge or kitchen cupboard. After she died, when gathering these old pots up I noticed a note in Mum’s hand saying ‘ this could be worth something, it is a bit historical’. (This was nothing unusual, there were notes everywhere). This little stout pot was the only one in the group that had some words in the clay – G. Moseley King William Street, Adelaide. We took this little brown pot with it’s buddies from atop the fridge, to the auction house with some other bits and pieces and, sure enough, it went at auction after a fight between bidders, to a collector of old Australian pottery.

Shocked at the interest in this piece, I did a bit of Google research into why this would be of such interest to people. Some details became clear – any old pots with markings are of particular interest as so little has survived. I discovered a place in rural NSW called the Museum of Australian Pottery which is the life work of a husband and wife team. They have collected thousands of pieces of old pottery and display them all in this massive collection. ‘LOL’ I thought…. Mum’s must have been interesting to them.

On my recent road trip up to northern NSW, I was driving along a major highway on about day 3, and noticed a sign for a new art gallery. I was ready for a coffee and break from driving so on the spur of the moment I veered left and drove slowly into the small town of Holbrook. I was looking at the historic old building facades with interest, searching for the cool new gallery, when I was glanced across the road to see – wait for it – The Museum of Australian Pottery! Laughing, I went across and introduced myself to the owners with my story about Mum’s old pot. Turns out it was an Oyster pot used by G Molseley who ran an Oyster Salon on King William Street in Adelaide around 1870. It was believed that only 2 of these oyster pots had survived – Mum quietly revealed a third!

Local Artisans

You just never know when a true treasure will be revealed. In McLaren Unvaled I now have 16 local artisans in store….. cards, tea towels, baby gear, handmade glass, wood work. I am proud to stock each and every one of these creators.