Mezzie and Frank medium brush 40mm

$24.95 incl GST

Mezzie and Frank Medium Brush – 40mm diameter and made from Hog’s bristles.  This is a long living durable brush for all your chalk painting.


Mezzie and Frank medium brush

The Mezzie and Frank brush medium is 40mm in diameter.  Like all their brushes it is made from the durable Hog’s hair and is easy to use, and just as easy to clean.  The medium brush is the one you probably use the most often.  It is that Mumma Bear size – just perfect!  Add a small and a large brush to have the right size for every piece you will encounter.  The round brushes made by Mezzie and Frank are perfect for chalk painting.  They cover every surface easily and well.  Make sure you dampen the bristles with water before dipping into your paint.  This will cause the bristles to expand and take up the chalk paint really well.

Brush Maintenance

All your Mezzie and Frank brushes will bounce back to life and last for ages with a little care.  Make sure they are washed thoroughly after every use, just in cold water.  If there is some difficulty removing all the colour from your brush, add a little dose of shampoo and massage this through the bristles – you will find the colour comes away easily.  Every now and then give your brushes a boost by leaving them overnight in a little hair conditioner.  Rinse the next day for rejuvenated bristles ready for your next chalk painting project.

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